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Vampire Knight Extras: Fan letters and Replies

Note: These fan letters are excerpts chosen by Matsuri Hino to be published in Lala Magazine with VK Chapter 93. The replies are written by Matsuri Hino.

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Translator: Skyhopedango
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Vampire Knight Chapter 93 English Scanlation.
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Vampire Knight Chapter 92 English Scanlation

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Vampire Knight Chapter 91 English Scanlation

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Vampire Knight Chapter 89 English Scanlation

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Vampire Knight Chapter 89


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Translator: Emily
Proofreaders: Brittany, Leslie.

Page 1 Must not look away from your eyes.... past, future, this matchless connection...

Page 2: erhaps because you were there I could go on living… Stop it.

Page 3: only desired/craved your blood... Her face in my memories... scent... is disappearing... Don’t take it from me...

Page 5 Y: From now on your thirst will be greatly mitigated... Because the girl that was giving you that thirst was erased from inside of you.

Pages 6-10 [Basically, they talked about how the Night Class teamed up with the Hunters. And, it has been a week since then. And, that Yuuki and Zero were escorted [t]here. Kaito goes to check on Zero’s condition while Kaien can’t believe Yuuki would do such a thing (erase his memories). Cross Academy is shut down since it has become the makeshift Hunter’s Association. And, those people (outside the gates) were helping with the blood tablet case].

Page 11 Are you okay? Hunter-san, your thirst isn't terrible, right?

Page 12 : here is no reason for an unknown vampire to worry about me. Disappear.

Page 13 : 'll disappear since I’ve confirmed it. Till the very end, you never pull the trigger, Mr. Kind-Hearted. Take care.

Page 14 : aien : Taking away something important from people, twisting the way they live their lives. What you are doing is exactly the evil nature of purebloods, because you're putting on that friendly face, not even shedding a single tear...

Page 15 : aien: Got it. Thank you for the report. Yuuki, come here a bit.

Page 16 : : Is the president detaining that pureblood girl?

Kaitou: That girl is kind of an ally who can use Artemis. Are you curious?

Zero : Just an eyesore, usually.

Kaitou : Zero, are you really not thirsty?

Zero : Yeah, it seems like such a joke that I took blood tablets before.

Kaien: Nah, if it’s him you're talking about, don't wait on him. I can't tell you the reason here.

Page 18 : aien: Well, you've come. Finally we can take our time and talk.

aname: Is the preparation for the furnace complete?

Page 19 : aname: As the last Ancestor's duty, I will succeed "her". I must leave the humans with the mother metal, the weapon[s] that slaughters vampires. I'll throw my heart into the furnace.

Kaien: Before that, you're supposed to tell me something.

Page 20 : aien : Kaname-kun, stop deciding everything yourself without explaining it to anyone. Stuff like rapidly dirtying yourself only – is someone benefiting from it? Just yesterday, you came to "castle of the sky" when you were the target of my subordinate and the vampires there. That castle is the place you severed the heads of Aidou-dono and Hanadagi.

Page 21 : n the deep underground mausoleum, my subordinate and student found a coffin with someone inside. In that coffin lie the sleeping Aidou-dono, the one that was supposedly killed by you, Kaname-kun.

Page 22 : idou-kun came to see him right away, though.

Page 23 : aname : Is that so? That's good...

Kaien: It was a ruse to push them away, huh. Those precious people by your side, those that won't stop believing you... As expected, if Yuuki and Aidou were shown such a horrid act, they'd doubt you.

Page 24 : aname: I'm not here to talk about it.

Kaien : Doing so, are you still trying to hold on to it all by yourself? Because you're like that, Yuuki went as far as taking away the memories of herself from Zero, for Zero-kun's sake and for yours.

Page 25 : uuki: Chairman, there is no need to tell him.

Kaien: Take Yuuki away, Kaname-kun. I'm sorry but we're still working on some final adjustments for the furnace.

Page 26 : aien: Just know that this is not my real intent. I'm just wagering that Yuuki will restrain you for me.

Page 27 : aname: What are you ...Yuuki…

Yuuki (thoughts) : I must not cry. I must not cling to him. I can't, after all...

age 28 : 'm thinking about turning this person into human.

Yuuki : You had come trying to ask him about turning [someone] into human, didn't you?

Kaname: Asked who? Turned who?

Yuuki: Asking Isaya san. Turning me.

Page 29 : aname: Yuuki, let me go... I'm not going anywhere.

Yuuki : You're lying... If so, you should be taking me to the hide-out house. This isn't it. It should be where we/I was born. You're full of lies. In order to not involve me in the crime... In order to cause my disappointment in you... Everything was for my sake. Until the end, the truth must not be found out by me...

Page 30 : n that snowy mountain 11 years ago, you had started lying the moment I opened my eyes – watching over me so that I wasn't used by those old men. In exchange for my peaceful life, you accepted their (those vampire’s) bait. While hiding your thirst, you wished for my "human life" to stay that way, but your wish wasn't granted. So that I won't be living for eternity by myself, you decided to stay by my side

Page 31 : ecause you know better than anyone what being lonely is like...You're a fool. Just forget about killing purebloods. It'd also be better if you just take away the memories with Zero inside of me...

Kaname : It hurts, Yuuki... I'm not running away so let me go.

Yuuki : Liar.

Kaname : I'm not lying.

Page 32 : aname : I'm not going run away anymore. It would have been great if I could’ve used my life to turn you into human before you took away Kiryuu-kun's memories.

Page 33 : aname : And it would’ve been great if I could entrust you to Kiryuu-kun sooner.

Yuuki : Doing as you please, huh. Persistently thinking that you can freely do as you please to Zero...

Kaname: The feeling he has for you wasn't [part of] a plan, though.

Page 34 : nswer me. Everything… is everything my fault?

Kaname : The night Rido attacked the house to kill you was the catalyst...

Yuuki : Why did you stop living together with me?

Kaname: ...The person I love...

Page 35 : aname : You aren't smiling from your heart...

Yuuki : We... are blocked from all sides, huh... As soon as tomorrow, you're going to throw your heart into the furnace... I...

Page 36 : uuki's (thoughts) : I'm going to try and release you from the fate of living forever using my own life...

Page 37 : aname : It hurts...What was wrong, Yuuki?... I see...

Page 38 : aname : If you don't know where your heart's destination is... I'll tell you, Yuuki. If you're okay with someone like me...

Page 40 : ampire 1 : Suddenly becoming the Ancestress’ savior, huh? It'd be good if he just stayed a murderer. This is the ultimate betrayal, huh, Madam.

Vampire 2 : Yeah, the extreme one. Now is the time we eliminate Kaname who is collaborating with them.

Page 41 : aitou : What's wrong, Zero?

Zero : Nothing.

Kaitou : Then, it’s fine. Don’t be so carefree. You must go to your new mission: guarding and surveying Kuran Kaname’s residence.

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  • After erasing his memories, Yuuki tells Zero that in the end he really couldn’t pull the trigger, and she calls him Mr. Kind hearted.
  • Kaien tells Yuuki that she has turned into a manipulative pureblood.
  • Aidou-dono’s death was staged to push Aidou and Yuuki away from Kaname.
  • Yuuki and Kaname go to the mansion
  • Yuuki knows Kaname asked Isaya to turn her human. Kaname denies it.
  • Yuuki says that everything Kaname ever did was for her sake.
  • She also says that it would have been better had Kaname erased Yuuki’s own memories of Zero. Kaname says he wants Yuuki to eventually go back to Zero
  • She asks him why he left her. He says she because wasn’t smiling from her heart.
  • Kaname is dying the next day by throwing his heart in th furnace. Yuuki thinks that she wants to save him by sacrificing herself.
  • Kaname tells Yuuki that if her heart can’t decide, then she should let him tell/teach her, if she’s okay [having sex] with someone like him. they have sex.
  • Touma and the vampire are plotting against Kaname.
  • Zero’s new mission is t survey he Kuran Manor.
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